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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Jumper Review

So Darth Vader discovers he can teleport and decides to live a life of travelling, free from consequences but Nick Fury decides he and his kind should be taken down and killed.

This is a fun film but the bad guys really don't seem to make any sense. Sure some agency would have developed to monitor and keep track of jumpers but the fact that they have no sense of morality is really stupid. Fortunately though casting Samuel L Jackson as the bad guy means you don't really care because he's just awesome, although the talcum powder hair is a bit ridiculous.

The rules for the jumpers, while simple, seem forgotten at times as on quite a few occasions the rule of only being able to jump somewhere you've been before is seemingly broken as the characters jump places they wouldn't conceivably get to by more conventional methods. Hanging off big ben's clock face and sitting on the sphinx's head being just two instances. These though can be fairly legitimately handwaved as the characters only need to get there once, possibly through some combination of jumping, parkour and mountaineering.

For fans of the Skulduggery Pleasant series there's a rather nice little accidental gag as Kristen Stewart meets the titular character and one is reminded of the twilight parody where the female lead must choose between the dangerous and exciting older vampire and the safe and boring teleporter.

A seriously fun if slightly stupid film, I'd highly encourage you to watch it.

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