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Monday, 12 November 2012

Highlander Review

Good things first:

1. Remirez

2. Original concept

3. Macloed looks a bit like comic Constantine in the early present day parts

4. The line 'What Kept you?' during the final fight is quite badass.

Bad things:

All of it.

The first part of the story would be utterly confusing and bizarre if I hadn't seen The Spoony One rip into the sequels because it isn't even just a cold open where they don't explain what the fuck is going on but before that there's a bizarre wrestling screne with confusing flashbacks.

The guy who plays Macloed has an incredibly tall forehead which is just odd, he's clearly not Scottish yet Sean Connery's playing an Egyption Spaniad.

The effects are appallingly bad and I'm a classic Doctor Who fan,

The rules make no god damn sense. Why are they immortal? Why can they be killed by decapitation? WTF is the quickening? The only explanation we get is the implication that immortals can absorb the lifeforce of animals but if that's the case why does it send electrics nuts and blow out windows?

This movie makes Twilight and Jaws The Revenge look good.

This film is shit. There is no other valid interpretation. Now I'm going to look it up on tvtropes to see if I can find some answers.

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