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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Why Quantum Teleportation is still awesome even with the unfortunate implications

I've just realized that even with the fax method of quantum teleportation it's still a good idea because then you could just leave your laundry on the telepad, stroll over to the laundrette and if there's a space free teleport it to you. Plus can you imagine how delightfully weird it would be if you did accidentally teleport yourself? Turning up to your own funeral like a ghost, paedophiles could 
be both given a sentence of execution and a life sentence. Then there's the whole issue of whether somebody whose just stepped out of the teleporter is really an adult anymore since they have essentially just been born an adult. Of course once we've got Quantum teleportation, the technology's only going to improve so what if one day cloning technology using Quantum teleportation technology becomes a thing? Practically we could have replicators like in star trek or clone armies. Dated: 16th of October

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