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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Fantastic Four Rise Of The Silver Surfer Review

A truly brilliant film, only The Avengers films top it. The villain was unexplained but big enough to not need an explanation, the silver surfer was badass and at the end when Johnny Storm does a Peter Petrelli and absorbs the other supers powers he was like the Green Lantern or Superman but because of the build up and the way the powers originated and were explained, it makes perfect sense. I'd kind of like to see a what if story line where Johnny maintained the others powers because when the origin is explained like that it makes the superhero far more believable. It's not "I found a magic ring", "I was born on a superplanet, now destroyed" or even god forbid "I have money, motivation and am slightly insane", it's "I was in space for an experiment, got caught by a freak storm, went aroiund in a superhero gang for a bit, got genetically altered by a sufficiently advanced alien and now I'm a DC badass" Dated: 20th of October

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