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Saturday, 27 October 2012

DareDevil Review

DareDevil makes me think watching this having so recently seen the Dark Knight is a good thing. The movie seems like a very clever deconstruction. I mean The Dark Knight's central themes are how everyone's one bad day away from evil. Batman can't work as effectively since everybody knows he won't kill even the Joker, Harvey Dent goes from a pillar of justice to vengence seeker because his girlfrie
nd got killed and the Joker gloated. Those two plot strands are resolved by the Batman taking the rap for Harvey Dent, neatly turning the hero into a villain without much heartache. In DareDevil however Matt Murdock is kind of like Dexter only as he's a lawyer he just picks off the bad guys that cheat the system, that changes however when his girlfriend gets killed and the big bad does some gloating, resulting in the Kingpin going to prison and Matt Murdock being recognised as a hero. Plus this guy is like batman only he's got an actual good guy job, doesn't need tons of macguffinous tech and he's got a cool well explained superpower.

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