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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Batman Incorporated Review

Issue One of Batman Incorporated, surprisingly decent. Batman and catwoman fighting together, a little sexual tension and being badass. Plus Batman's not the groaning self righteous emo Christian Bale portrays him as. Dated: 13th of October

Batman Incorporated issue 2 was a bit predictable and stupid. Mr Unknown is dead. No wait, Mr Unknown is alive. Oh no, he's dead again. Nope it turns out he's actually alive and now Batman of Japan. And all through out it you have Lord Death man, a man who cannot die. It really annoys me how the immortal guys are always the villains, just imagine the good one geek could do if they knew they couldn't die, they could take up the most dangerous sports and become absolutely pro at them, become a real life batman without tons of money, just sheer skill. Dated: 14th of October

Batman Incorporated, started well if dull then got mindfuck bizarre and confusing, not the good kind either. Dated: 21st of October

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