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Saturday, 27 October 2012

A word on equality

It is really disquieting to me how many of my favourite shows are prejudiced against the disabled, those who aren't heterosexual, women and coloured people. (I do not know the politically correct way to say that last one, my apologies) I realize there's no great conspiracy going on and that the shows aren't deliberately placing the focus on white straight men out of any sadistic hate for what they
 might conceivably deem as lesser demographics but when so many films and tv series fail the Bechdel test, kill off or send insane the gay, lesbian and bisexual characters, treat disability as something worse than death and utterly debilitating or flat out refuse to cast non-white characters in leading rolls I am left somewhat sickened by the industry I consider to be the greatest of the mediums. Dated: 15th of October