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Monday, 29 October 2012

Shutter Island Review

What is it about Leonardo Dicaprio and the women he loves fucking him up? First there was Juliet, then there was that posh bint from Titanic, the insane one from Inception and now Dolores.

Watchmen Review

I'll say first that I am reviewing the film and I have not read the comic.

Watchmen is like many things I like, a contradictory thing.
It is what I feared and expected it to be. An overhyped, overclever somewhat slow treatise on the gritty realism of such unrealistic superheroes that amounts to huge amounts of narm. There's a blue naked guy walking around who can travel through time, teleport and manipulate matter using some kind of telekinesis. There is literally no reason for the gritty realism treatment. All it does is highlight how fucked up the film is. (Though granted that may be the point, seeing as this is based off the comic which deconstructed superheroes).

It is also on the other hand, once the plot gets moving, a nice somewhat rompy deconstruction of the Superhero genre.

Rorsach and the OwlGuy (Quite ashamed I don't know his name since he's one of the two people I actually liked) are like what would happen if Batman went through a Star Trek teleporter and was split into his two identities.
   Rorsach is Batman as the great detective, seeming like a gross parody of seventies, Gene Hunt, Dirty Harry and Jack Bauer. The ultimate dirty cop with no morals but a sense for justice, a supremely unlikeable guy.
   OwlGuy is a badass normal human being, who just happens to dress up as an Owl to fight crime. You don't even get the sense that being a vigilante makes him a mad man like   the Batman is frequently portrayed as in such gritty deconstructions because OwlGuy's not the first superhero so it's less 'I am become justice' than 'This is really cool and I get to help people'

Doctor Manhattan is a nice deconstruction of Superman in that I hate him because he's out of touch with reality but I think I'm supposed to hate him.

Laurie's cool and while I don't think the film needed the back story between her mother and the comedian, it was nice to see her portrayed as a main character, with her own important sub plot. Something fairly ironic considering Doctor Peter Coogan on The Major Spoilers Podcasts  pointed out that by analysing the comics, Laurie isn't a main character or important.

Ozymandias is a nice anti-villain because ultimately he is no worse than Rorsach or any of the other supers, only instead of believing in some retarded sense of justice when the fate of the world's at stake he actually has the balls to try and save it, despite the costs.

As for the ending, well obviously I went into this film knowing how it was going to end and that Ozymandia was the villain, although I like the fact that the adaptation changed the ending slightly to one that makes more sense. It's a better deconstruction of the comics universe than I think even the comic managed.
   In the DC Universe, the answer to the question 'Who watches the Watchmen?' is 'Superman' because Superman is one hero who could never go bad and even if he did Batman could probably take him eventually. (Though that bit's informed from the Dark Knight Returns, not that I've actually read that yet.)
   In the Watchmen Universe the answer to that question, thanks to Ozymandias, is 'Doctor Manhattan' because the human race has corrupted him and made him see the world like Rorsach and the Comedian so firing nukes is not a good idea because if the world's going to blow itself to pieces, Dr Manhattan will give it a warning shot first.

Regarding the whole thing about Rorsach's journal and the truth getting out, I think that it doesn't matter because the point still stands that the supers were complicit in the deaths of millions and Dr Manhattan is still out there, equally complicit. A nuclear deterrent doesn't have to be fired once people understand the consequences of its firing. The ending of Watchmen is Hiroshima, a horrible dreadful thing that shouldn't have happened but one that eventually led to people knowing where the line was and that death on such scale could only lead to mutual annihilation. For a movie all about the cold war that is an appropriate way to end it.

Also I can now safely say that Bloodheat, This Book is full of Spider's and Thud are nice deconstructions of Watchmen and are all so much better. Thud deals with the question of 'Who watches the watchmen?' for the Discworld universe. This Book Is Full Of Spiders is all about an enemy that wants to create a humanity, like that in Watchmen and neatly deconstructs the ending. Bloodheat is just Watchmen for Doctor Who, you'll have to read it to find out how but suffice to say Ozymandias has nothing on the Doctor.

I don't think I'll read the comic after watching this, I daren't think what Watchmen would be like if Alan Moore had even more time for navel gazing.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

DareDevil Review

DareDevil makes me think watching this having so recently seen the Dark Knight is a good thing. The movie seems like a very clever deconstruction. I mean The Dark Knight's central themes are how everyone's one bad day away from evil. Batman can't work as effectively since everybody knows he won't kill even the Joker, Harvey Dent goes from a pillar of justice to vengence seeker because his girlfrie
nd got killed and the Joker gloated. Those two plot strands are resolved by the Batman taking the rap for Harvey Dent, neatly turning the hero into a villain without much heartache. In DareDevil however Matt Murdock is kind of like Dexter only as he's a lawyer he just picks off the bad guys that cheat the system, that changes however when his girlfriend gets killed and the big bad does some gloating, resulting in the Kingpin going to prison and Matt Murdock being recognised as a hero. Plus this guy is like batman only he's got an actual good guy job, doesn't need tons of macguffinous tech and he's got a cool well explained superpower.

My three favourite living writers

Okay I really want to talk about Discworld (particularly the Nightwatch Books because Sam Vimes is just awesome), Rivers Of London and This Book Is Full Of Spiders but none of my friends know them. Go search them out, bask in their glory and magnificence then talk to me about it because Terry Pratchett, Ben Aaranovitch and David Wong are IMHO the best writers around at the moment. Dated: 25th of October

The Dark Knight Review

So okay it was good, not great, the depth is a little lacking and I would have preferred more humour or temporal shenanigans but that's not even me nit picking, that's me saying it wasn't my kind of film but despite being a dark gritty romancy tale of the dark messiah, it was good. I liked it and there is not a single negative thing I can think of about it, just reasons why it isn't a great film in my opinion. I suppose what I am cautiously saying through my double speak is believe the hype. Dated: 23rd of October

The Traveler, Volume 1 Review

Finally a comic I genuinely like. (well a comic that isn't the Beano or Doctor Who anyway) It's a nice time travel story featuring a hero who has time control powers and to be honest I had the entire thing spoiled for me by Major Spoilers but this is definitely worth a read, even if the ending is a bit dodge but maybe that'll be retconned. Plus the love interest is fit, which is always nice. Dated 23rd of October

V For Vendetta Review

November the Fifth is a British holiday that celebrates the day the world didn't change, V For Vendetta is the sequel that deconstructs Guy Fawkes night and turns it on its head. Wonderful, beautiful, amazing. Dated: 21st of October

X-Men First Class Review

The best superhero movie I've seen. It's got comedy, depth, character development, mythology gags, evil that's both gleefully hammy and understandably realistic, origin stories and mass manipulation masters with xanatos gambits. James McAvoy is brilliant as Professor X. Dated: 20th of October

Fantastic Four Rise Of The Silver Surfer Review

A truly brilliant film, only The Avengers films top it. The villain was unexplained but big enough to not need an explanation, the silver surfer was badass and at the end when Johnny Storm does a Peter Petrelli and absorbs the other supers powers he was like the Green Lantern or Superman but because of the build up and the way the powers originated and were explained, it makes perfect sense. I'd kind of like to see a what if story line where Johnny maintained the others powers because when the origin is explained like that it makes the superhero far more believable. It's not "I found a magic ring", "I was born on a superplanet, now destroyed" or even god forbid "I have money, motivation and am slightly insane", it's "I was in space for an experiment, got caught by a freak storm, went aroiund in a superhero gang for a bit, got genetically altered by a sufficiently advanced alien and now I'm a DC badass" Dated: 20th of October

Why Quantum Teleportation is still awesome even with the unfortunate implications

I've just realized that even with the fax method of quantum teleportation it's still a good idea because then you could just leave your laundry on the telepad, stroll over to the laundrette and if there's a space free teleport it to you. Plus can you imagine how delightfully weird it would be if you did accidentally teleport yourself? Turning up to your own funeral like a ghost, paedophiles could 
be both given a sentence of execution and a life sentence. Then there's the whole issue of whether somebody whose just stepped out of the teleporter is really an adult anymore since they have essentially just been born an adult. Of course once we've got Quantum teleportation, the technology's only going to improve so what if one day cloning technology using Quantum teleportation technology becomes a thing? Practically we could have replicators like in star trek or clone armies. Dated: 16th of October

A word on equality

It is really disquieting to me how many of my favourite shows are prejudiced against the disabled, those who aren't heterosexual, women and coloured people. (I do not know the politically correct way to say that last one, my apologies) I realize there's no great conspiracy going on and that the shows aren't deliberately placing the focus on white straight men out of any sadistic hate for what they
 might conceivably deem as lesser demographics but when so many films and tv series fail the Bechdel test, kill off or send insane the gay, lesbian and bisexual characters, treat disability as something worse than death and utterly debilitating or flat out refuse to cast non-white characters in leading rolls I am left somewhat sickened by the industry I consider to be the greatest of the mediums. Dated: 15th of October

Fantastic Four Review

3 superheroes with amazing gimmicky super powers and one protohulk. The villain was cool and I like how none of the heroes twigged that he was given powers at the same time as them but as enjoyable as it all was there was no depth to it. (And I realise that it's odd for me to be saying that but even the Green Lantern had the whole conquering fear thing) This is not as bad as a 'Meh!' because it was good, it just wasn't anything more than good. Oh and for the record I would have Mister Fantastic's powers of the bunch because I am one lazy sob so it would be handy to turn off the light without crossing the room. Dated: 15th of October

The Avengers #1 The Coming Of The Avengers Review

I am two minds about whether to love this or hate this. Practically every line is exposition and hammy if its possible for anything written down to be hammy. The Hulk is actually intelligent and not just a living bomb Bruce Banner slips into when his life is in danger, indeed Bruce never turns up at all which is a bit weird since the Hulk joins the aveng
ers without the other guy getting a look in. The way the Avengers form is rather delightfully farcical. Loki just wants to use the Hulk to lure Thor into fighting him but can only do that by stopping the hulk's friends from contacting the Fantastic Four and so Iron Man, Ant Man and the Wasp hear as well, by which time the Fantastic Four get the message anyway and go 'Kid, we're busy but turns out you don't need us because four other super heroes have decided to team up and help you'. This is so completely ridiculous. Dated: 15th of October

Red Dwarf Series X Episode 1 Review

Red Dwarf was amazing, I loved how Lister tried to bring up himself, it was I think the first time anyone has looked at the implications of becoming your own dad via timetravel. Dated: 14th of October

Batman Incorporated Review

Issue One of Batman Incorporated, surprisingly decent. Batman and catwoman fighting together, a little sexual tension and being badass. Plus Batman's not the groaning self righteous emo Christian Bale portrays him as. Dated: 13th of October

Batman Incorporated issue 2 was a bit predictable and stupid. Mr Unknown is dead. No wait, Mr Unknown is alive. Oh no, he's dead again. Nope it turns out he's actually alive and now Batman of Japan. And all through out it you have Lord Death man, a man who cannot die. It really annoys me how the immortal guys are always the villains, just imagine the good one geek could do if they knew they couldn't die, they could take up the most dangerous sports and become absolutely pro at them, become a real life batman without tons of money, just sheer skill. Dated: 14th of October

Batman Incorporated, started well if dull then got mindfuck bizarre and confusing, not the good kind either. Dated: 21st of October

Hellboy II The Golden Army Review

A distinctly 'Meh!' if good movie, not because it's bad, because it isn't but it feels like filler episode of a tv series, just another hero turns up, bad shit happens and the the hero saves the day story. Films should never be filler episodes, they need to have impact and import, the game changing episodes where everything you know gets turned upside down and this isn't one of those, this is the filler episode where the comedy sidekick gets a temporary love interest that nearly dooms everyone. Dated: 13th of October

This Book Is Full Of Spiders: Seriously Dude, Don't Touch It Review

This Book Is Full Of Spiders Dude, Seriously Don't Touch It is the sequel to David Wong's John Dies At The End and even though I am only a quarter of the way through it I can safely say that this is amazing. It's like the happening and a zombie movie mixed together but the happening is people getting eaten alive by things they can't see and the zombies are bizarre spiders that live in your head, controlling you and it's funny, I mean obviously that's not but while being a creepy weird shit invasion story it is also a sort of sitcom about deadbeat characters who are the only hope for mankind and are kind of shit at it as you or I would be. Dated: 11th of October

David Wong, god damn David Wong, that is one genius of a writer. This Book Is Full Of Spiders Dude, Seriously Don't Touch It is not something I think I can adequately describe, it's like what I imagine Watchmen is, based on how comic book readers talk about it, with hushed tones of reverence and slightly annoying exuberant enthusiasm. Although I don't know if I can really compare it to Watchmen ye
t because I half think Watchmen is a steaming pile of fan wanky crap, just like how I can't really compare David Wong to Shakespeare because despite how much virtually every literature expert worth their salt considers him a genius I find his plays dull and pointless. David Wong is deep and meaningful, posing questions on the nature of human existence and why we're all such jerkasses to each other (with cracked articles online showing the research behind all this navel gazing) but it's also unafraid to play in the shallows with jokes about popular culture and the zombie horror genre, the characters are real people with darkness in their pasts but it never seems angsty or preachy because they are so thoroughly likable. And I've still qot the final quarter of the book left to read. Dated: 12th of October

I have now finished reading This Book Is Full Of Spiders Dude, Seriously Don't Touch It and this ending is perfect, absolutely perfect. From now on Watchmen is not a valid argument because This Book trumps it, like literally it no shit flat
 explains why Watchmen has a shitty ending and does it right. More seriously This Book is better than all of Douglas Adams work put together and absolutely wipes the floor with every single Discworld novel. Just go buy it right now and read it. Dated: 12th of October

Batman: Year One Review

Imagine if Batman Begins had Robert Pattinson in the lead role and instead of Ra's Al Guul and the Scarecrow or the bat mobile we got cat woman and a stolen bicycle. This makes batman someone I'd like to punch, the story boring and the villains decidedly two dimensional. The only thing that this gets even vaguely right is the explanation for how batman can summon a load of bats but even that is handled poorly. Dated: 11th of October

Hellboy Review

 Like a cross between Constantine, Captain Americ and The Hulk only better. Dated: 9th of October 

Constantine Review

Fantastic cinematography, interesting use of mythology, a nice character arch and Keanu Reeves actually didn't suck, sure I could see it played better by an older actor but he did all right. The story plays out like a more serious John Dies @ The End in terms of style and concept but unfortunately lacks the punch of the aforesaid book, both in terms of humour and substance though the consistency of the story telling carries weight. I am frankly amazed DC put out anything this good considering the films I've seen so far. Dated: 8th of October

Vertigo Review

 A complete mindfuck of a film. Dated: 8th of October

My thoughts on The Big Bang Theory tv show

To all concerned I do not like The Big Bang Theory. I loathe it. That show has caused so many jibes in recent times but that's okay because it's only a comedy show. No. No it is not okay because it is a comedy show that derives humour from jokes at nerd's expense. You know what that's more usually called? Bullying. Yes, it isn't out of the same intention but it is basically the same thing to the same target so don't make jokes about it around me, especially not to me. Dated: 8th of October

The Green Lantern Review

The Green Lantern is bizarrely the best dc film I've seen so far because yeah the origin story reads macguffin all over and the villain is profoundly shit but it actually has a better sense of logic about it than Batman or Superman and of the three (Hal Jordon, Batman and Superman) I prefer Hal Jordan. He's not as moody or fucked up as Batman nor as irritatingly faultless as Superman. Plus the whole green will power being able to do anything thing isn't that far away from the green nothingness of the Farsh-nuke series so yeah here's hoping they make a sequel or something. Dated: 7th of October

Merlin series 5 episode 1 Arthur's Bane Part 1 Review

Merlin, bloody good stuff but man that alien thing was creepy. Dated: 7th of October

Judge Dredd - Day Of Chaos - Eve Of Destruction Part 10 Review

Now this is more like it. It's clearly the middle part of the story but there's a little bit of plot, a little bit of spectacle and a little bit of character development, the art style is really nice, the writing is spot on and because the Dredd series is ostensibly a future police series you can drop right in and know what's happening. Plus, weird zombie outbreak with hints of cloning. Cool. Considering the whole magazine is £2.35 and there's still 4 comics left to go I'd say this was a wise investment but I'll know more once I read the rest. Dated: 7th of October

Super Dinosaur #9 Review

Super Dinosaur number 9 by Image Comics, only 3$ it's a nice comic with cool action sequences and signs of a cool ongoing plot despite being a middle episode, makes me want to catch up on the series and may I reiterate it's about a super dinosaur, that is just awesome. There's a squid dude, dinosaur dudes and shark dudes not to mention human dudes and an amazing level of technology. The writing isn't the best but it's fun and badass. Dated: 6th of October

Superman Returns Review

Superman Returns: Some nice badass moments and Lex Luthor was fun and cool but Superman was so dull, irritating and annoying, not to mention a complete pushover once he's kryptonited up. I mean seriously this guy has one overly exploited weakness and he never thinks to maybe develop a resistance to it or at least train himself up to be a badass normal in the event of his one weakness being exploited? Dated 6th of October

Batman Begins Review

Batman Begins: Like a shitty tennant story there are plot holes aplenty, boring character development and and silly concepts but when the main guy starts saving lives and kicking the bad guy's arse you kind of enjoy it. Not awful but not good either. Dated: 4th of October

Batman Night Of The Owls Review

Batman Night of the Owls is not even an episode, just a brief excerpt and yeah I was sa bit confused but it was allright. Dated: 4th of October

A chilling thought

I have just had a terrifying thought, I think I might like to see a Doctor Who reboot. Ideally running parallel to the main series because well fuck with the main series of Doctor Who and the whovians will hunt you down but it might be nice to reset things so we can see the Doctor's origins and sort out the kinks of continuity. Dated: 4th of October

Writer's Block and Motivation

Writer's Block is a big deal for writers. It is very important to note that early on because while some of what I say may sound flippant I am very much aware of how much of a problem writer's block is. 

What is writer's block? Writer's block generally comes in two forms. The first form comes when you are trying to write but nothing comes to mind, like you stare at the blank page and suddenly every idea you've ever had just vanishes. The second form is when you have no shortage of ideas but can't decide which one of the many should go on the page.

I do not get writer's block, strictly speaking anyway. It certainly isn't a problem for me as it is for others I know but I will get onto that later. When I get writer's block, it is generally both in quick succession after booting up the computer and loading celtx, open office or focus writer. The type 1 dissipates when I turn on some music and type 2 is resolved by knowing in advance what I am going to write, once in the flow of things the writer's block ceases to be an issue.

There is a difference between the way I write and the way writers with writer's block tend to write. Most writers who experience writer's block tend to be driven and well motivated people. These are people who can go to the gym or give up stuff because they have an abundance of will power or are just very experienced at working to a schedule. These are organized and collected individuals. I envy them greatly because I am not. I am that peculier kind of nerd who is interested in everything but only really has time to play minecraft, watch lets plays and listen to podcasts. I am an apathetic individual who does things on whims and vague feelings of appropriateness, writing is pretty much the only productive thing I do and that's arguable.

I think that certainly I can learn a lot of things from motivated people and that maybe those struggling with writer's block can learn something from me. When I write it is after a drastic amount of procrastination. Only the procrastination isn't really procrastination since for me writing is a reactionary process. I watch something awesome like Doctor Who and my imagination just fizzes with ideas. Scenes and images start playing out in my head and what I'm seeing is so awesome I feel the urge to get it down so other people can experience it. In its raw form that is just fanfic and utterly unpublishable but there's still potential locked up in that, potential that when left to simmer in the back of my mind during procrastion starts to build the framework of a plot. Once I have the framework I can write without succumbing to writer's block, just as having a shopping list can stop you buying loads of crap at Asda. That's not to say though that that's easy or that's always how I write. If I want to write something well, I'll often stop after I've run out of framework or realised there's a bit missing. If quality isn't so much of a factor, such as in NaNoWriMo the framework construction process will still go on but it will be less of a train track and more of a road map. There to guide the plot but not overly necessary to get to the destination.

My advice then to combat writer's block is get a framework and know where your plot's heading but not be afraid to take a back road if the way ahead is obstrucrted or still under construction. Dated: 4th of October

Why I will not be reviewing Doctor Who

The moment someone tries to criticize Doctor Who for its logical flaws: :facepalm: This is a fifty year old show that has spawned so many spin off books magazines comics and podcasts. You cannot stop it, only force it underground to be controlled by the fans. It is illogical and stupid. The continuity makes no sense and it always gets something wrong. That doesn't matter though because this is a s
how held together by badass and good intentions. Yes there's plot holes and shitty special effects, Atlantis has been destroyed three times and Skaro is heading the same way but each Doctor gets a moment to say something great about the human race and give a great badass boast to the monster of the week. You cannot nitpick that into oblivion because the Doctor always wins Dated: 4th of October

Marvel Avengers Assemble Review

How do I feel about The Avengers? Well it's nice not to be dissappointed. Dated: 2nd of October

The Avengers has made the hulk awesome, Mark Ruffalo helped Dated: 3rd of October

My thoughts on the great Marvel/DC debate

I would just like to say that I think Marvel and and DC are not like most geek rivalries: Dandy/Beano, Xbox/Playstation, Apple/Microsoft. There is a difference. DC are superheroes. 
Marvel are badasses. DC have Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Flash and the Green Lantern. Marvel have Thor, Captain America, Iron man, The Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow and Nick Fury. 

The DC superheroes each ha
ve a central concept, you have the super powered alien, the vigilante crime fighter, the under sea king, the amazonian warrior woman, the guy who runs really fast and the guy with a superpowered psychic ring.

Marvel's character's are less superpowered powered. Captain America's the super soldier propaganda styled hero who lacks any overt superpower. Ironman's the genius with a suit that lets him fly and fight. The Hulk is a scientist with a formidable split personality. Hawkeye is really good with a bow and arrow. Black Widow is a former soviet spy working for SHIELD and Nick Fury a spy working for SHIELD, oh and Thor's the norse god of thunder.

That's three badass normals, a guy with a suit, a hulk, a god and a badass superhero with no actual superpowers beyond olympian fitness and mild regeneration compared to five themed superheroes and a badass normal with enough tech to make him a themed superhero.

I think on the basis of this that I am strongly a Marvel guy because Badass Normals or close to are always so much more interesting IMHO. Dated: 2nd of October

Captain America: The First Avenger Review

Captain America, the most Meta of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I loved Howard Stark and prefer Domic Cooper's performance to Robert Downey Junior. This surprised me the most and the death of Bucky Barnes really shocked me but this is by far the most ludicrous movie in the MCU because of the Captain's miracle super soldier juice. It really seems to me that they'd have done far better if they just gave Steve Rogers a work out montage and left out the super soldier serum crap because it really isn't needed. What makes him super is his heroic personality, the serum just acts as an effective get fit quick solution. Dated: 1st of October

North by Northwest Review

North by Northwest, surely every James Bond fans secret dream, getting whisked off into a world of espionage and femme fatales. I could easily see this adapted into a Doctor Who episode. A truly enjoyable film. So this is why people like Hitchcock. Dated: 1st of October

Thor Review

Thor. I must admit I went into this expecting great things, I loved Thor's portrayal in the Douglas Adams books and the typical messiah metaphors associated with superheroes are so much more justified when you're dealing with actual gods. It did not disappoint. The absolute highlight of the boxset so far. Loki is also incidentally as has been said many times before a magnificent bad guy. I cannot wait to read up on the tropes of this as well since analyzing fictions featuring mythology is something I am rather good at. Dated: 30th September

The Angels Take Manhattan Review

The Angels Take Manhattan was magnificent! Sheer Beauty and Subversion. Moffat you magnificent bastard you have simultaneously killed off and given happy endings to the best companions ever. I salute you sir! Dated: 29th September.

Iron Man 2 Review

Iron Man 2. It's a fairly common plot. The great heroic badass finds out he's gonna die and goes off the rails as he prepares for the end. Steven Moffat has given us this trope twice recently with Doctor Who and Sherlock, even Harry Potter did it and well all of them did it better than Iron Man 2 with Sherlock being the best by far. No method of avoiding the coming death has been as contrived as Tony Stark inventing a new element with little to no explanation. Sure Harry Potter and Doctor Who had magic wands and Applied Phlebotinum but at least they didn't claim to create a new element using a hologram and a mini hadron collider if that's what that even was. That said the breakdown of Tony Stark was interesting to see and far more badass than anything else on the list. Dated: 29th September

The Incredible Hulk Review

The Incredible Hulk is a good movie with lots of badass moments but is less a superhero movie than it is a monster movie. Dated: 28th September.

Iron Man review

Ironman is awesome. He's an anti-authoritarian capitalistic James Bond. Great start to the Avengers boxset. Dated: 28th September


Okay so Peer Pressure has finally worked, well that and three awesome superhero films. I now own Batman Year One deluxe edition. Batman the new 52 Night of The Owls combo-pack and Doctor Who The Dalek Project featuring my second favourite Doctor. Dated 28th September


Spiderman, the perfect antidote to Chronicle. Dated 26th September


I watched Chronicle, every bit as good as everyone said and that is a very big deal coming from me. Is it wrong that I identified most with Andrew? Dated: 26th September

Local Hero

A film with more plot than Withnail and I but lacks its charm, comedy and building sensation of things happenning. Local Hero is distinctly bland with barely any conflict. Dated: 25th September
I have not seen nearly enough films. Dated 24th September