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Sunday, 2 January 2011

A patch in time

I'm still waiting for my sewing machine, fabric and patterns to arrive and oh is the wait agonising? You are reading about the work of a man who works spontaneously. My mind hisses and fizzes with ideas while my body tries to keep up and as a result I have the patience of a mayfly. If I work, I work fast and quickly at it. That's not to say I rush though, no, I just cut out the unnecessary gubbins wherever possible. In writing this is okay as the delay between thought and speaking/typing is just enough to keep up the pace but do some buffering as well and that's just it, I'm a bufferer not a planner. Frankly this costuming lark is the closest I've ever got to planning as planning's all someone with no patience can do until they've got a sewing machine.

Anyway suffice to say the wait was/is tough but in the mean time I've discovered a stash of old clothing I'd hidden away during the year and dad's given me some of his old ties including a nice brown paisley number which wouldn't look out of place as part of the seventh Doctor's final season costume.

With regards to the stash of old clothing I see this as the perfect thing to use for my final frock coat at least until I'm old, skilled and rich enough to attempt something in hues of tweed. Oh and no pinking sheers so I can't cut yet either.

At the end of the day though finding this stash of clothes is a real boon as now all that holds me back is myself.

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