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Thursday, 9 December 2010

This is what it I now plan on wearing

Out and about
Glasses – brown/black
Hair – keep trimmed reasonably short by trained professionals
Hat – build up collection, flat, trilby, bowler, straw, top, etcetera, adopt as see fit (room for change)
Hankies – label and if possible use question mark design (lots
Waistcoat – if possible have made from question mark fabric or stick to black, actually try for both.
Tie – reuse old but gain question mark ties
Jacket – single breasted, smart, dark brown/green possibly tweed with leather patches
Cuff-links – Doctor Who logo (don't really know what these are)
Shirt – long sleeved white/pale green, possible question mark detailing on collars
Braces – use current but get question marked braces if possible
Trousers – dark green/brown
Socks – current (more, larger)
Shoes – slip-on smart

Winter apparel
Crampons – suitable for attaching to slip-ons
Hat – Sherlockian
Balaclava – fun styling NOT terrorist style
Scarf – long, 4th Doctor esque
Cane-Umbrella – black
Gloves – leather – good fit
Coat – black/brown, long, many pockets, easily washable, be nice if it was waterproof but not essential so look and feel comes first
Over-trousers – Waterproof, warm
Wellies – Good fit brown/black

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