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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Things are as things go, sh*t appens as the money flows

So my faithful Ubuntu desktop died, that was annoying.
I've always been a fan of computers that are a bit frustrating because they develop a personality over time and this computer was a classic case in point, to be honest I'm still mourning.

I'm not lost though, I have a third hand laptop which has since been converted to Ubuntu so is easing the pain and logistics of making up for the lost machine.

Christmas has now been and gone and with it funds have increased by £150 then swiftly spent on a Singer Talent, a shirt/waistcoat/frockcoat pattern and 8 metres of uber cheap lining.

Oh and I've failed the first half of my last year of college so I might not make it into university, no matter, I'll resub and succeed.

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