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Thursday, 16 December 2010

The question mark cane is back and this time it's fashionable.

Okay so it was only ever umbrellas that were cool with question mark handles and only then in certain circles but this is still quite amazing.

First let me explain myself, I was bored and my computer's on the fritz so I decided to leave it safely shut down and come down to my dad's computer for some general pootling about and as the main protagonist in my book carries a red question mark handled cane, I thought I'd look for a cheapo red cane, totally not expecting to find this! The cane in question is apparently an Omhu designed cane with a handle inspired by skateboards, whatever that means, and there's a nice orange one which could almost work as a bright head, though the handle would have to be repainted.

It is so tempting to blow the crimbo money I'll get on this, instead of that sewing machine at last but I have gotten experience with umbrella handles to deter me from such a purchase since A.I'm probably gonna have a few goes at this handle making lark if I get the jig sorted so I'll have some spare B.A decent-ish cane for a handle such as I would make could probably be found cheaply, saving a massive expense (£30-£50 for the cane, £10 for the handle verses £130 for the cane) and C.Handles are fragile, handles can break and it's much easier and cheaper to replace the handle on a home build than on an Omhu, probably.

Now admittedly I am a very lazy and quite busy man (college, b00k to write, friends, numerous online obligations) and I have a tendency to say "This is great! I'll do this!" only to disappear for a time but the thing with making the umbrella handle is that after the jig, the hardest part is heating it and bending it round the jig, simplez!

And I have a cunning plan to allow me to quickly, simply and easily replace any acryclic umbrella handles that get broken once applied to the umbrella, watch this space...

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