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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

I have a sewing machine

Today my DWM arrived and I went into town with my dad on the hunt for frock coats to judge prices by and didn't succeed but I am now the proud owner of a pair of brown leather brogue slipons from clarks and we had lunch, on the drive home dad said he thought my mum had an old sewing machine of her mum's that she might have lying around. I later queried mum and am now the equally proud owner of a Bernina 600 sewing machine but it needs oiling. On the plus side the money I haven't spent on the sewing machine can be ploughed into other essentials such as accessories for buttons and holes and sewing question marks onto the collars of shirts.

This blog is about to hit the nitrous and kick into third gear after a year spluttering away pointlessly in a vain attempt to get going, pity then that my total subscribers so far amounts to 1, me.

Merry christmass me.

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