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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Breakdown of whooiness

Breakdown of the whooiness:
In this section I pick the most Doctor Who like pieces of my various paraphernalia and explain how it might be possible to buy or failing that make them.

Hankies – label and if possible use question mark design (lots)
To create these is rather simple provided you have basic sewing equipment and expertise with which to cut and hem them. First you take the pattern available from here and amend it such that it can be easily repeated to form the fabric. This is my amendment:
Once amended simply upload to Spoonflower or some such other fabric printer, order however much fabric you want then cut and hem it.

Waistcoat – if possible have made from question mark fabric or stick to black, actually try for both. I confess that this is the real reason I made the pattern here as there is such a service called Cut-Make-Trim where you can request that someone make an article of clothing with the fabric you give them and I rather like the idea of a 7th Doctor inspired waistcoat, because waistcoats are what I wear though I think I may have to replace the yellow with a dark brown to better reflect my character. Spoonflower can be found at and a CMT order for a waistcoat can be submitted at The total for fabric and CMT would appear to be around $112 with quilting weight fabric. And for those interested in a pullover? Well I could not find anywhere to tailor make a pullover from the fabric as pullovers knitted but I did find this person who knits jumpers to order. Good luck!

Tie – reuse old but gain question mark ties,
I've done the work for you on this one and if you want a 4th Doctor inspired tie:

Hat – Sherlockian

Scarf – long, 4th Doctor esque
For those who are willing to forgo authenticity in favour of an easy life there's and for those who aren't there's always

Cane-Umbrella – black
In my book that I'm writing there are 2 Doctors with similarly handled accessories. There's Seven with the famous black umbrella with red question mark handle and then there's the new boy with a mcguffinous cane. As such I'd rather like to have both cane and umbrella but I'm quintessentially lazy, hence why I'm buying most of my stuff rather than making it and I have found to my chagrin that people will take an umbrella from you then proceed to whack it against stuff with a childish glee. I, myself, made this mistake when I brought myself an umbrella from the pound shop and I know now that an umbrella is quite delicate piece of equipment and is often damaged if you let it touch the ground at all. As a result of this I feel that a combination of cane and umbrella will give me the necessary functionality of an umbrella with the practical strength and robustness of a cane. Such a cane/umbrella combo can be found cheaply at and if you want a handle then I've found this forum thread tackles most of the key issues and it has a handy tip for improving the pullover

Coat – black/brown, long, many pockets, easily washable, be nice if it was waterproof but not essential so look and feel comes first

These are nearly all things inspired by Doctor who but made just that little bit better, I hope you find the information helpful and that perhaps you might be so good as to show off your purchases or creations.

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