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Thursday, 9 December 2010

The actuallity

This is what I ended up with:
Smart brown leather slip-on shoes from BHS
Thin black socks from BHS
Browney green and black suit trousers from BHS
Red and black clip on braces from BHS
White and black long sleeved shirts from BHS
Various ties from charity shops and superstores, favourites are the reds, the 3 very Doctor who like floral ones and the stripes but the shark tie. That first one I wore casually has become something of a good luck charm, ties changed daily.
A proper Burton's vest/waistcoat in black from Burtons naturally enough.
Hankies from many places, usually block colours from white to dark blue, my yellow hand crafted one sits atop my bookshelf unused.
A real silver like quartz analogue fob watch attached to the waistcoat and resting in its left pocket, courtesy of a rich uncle and I can now read analogue
Greeney brown suit jacket from BHS with a perfect fit when pockets are empty (rarely happens) a folded hanky rests in the breast pocket though it often slides out of view
I had a blue flat cap which I had gotten from BHS that I wore often and was quite popular with my fans but it shrunk just enough to be irritating and MrTardisReviews wore/wears a trilby and I saw that they were cropping up more often so I brought a 7 quid silver trilby from Tkmaxx and passed the old one off to a friend as a birthday present, the trilby is a vast improvement.
Sonic screwdriver as used by the Eleventh Doctor, brought for £15 from whoone
Black umbrella with wooden U-bend handle from BHS
Black wool over coat from last year at BHS
Black leather gloves from BHS.

As you can see I've built up quite an image which is so subtly inspired by and evocative of Doctor Who that when I recently went to a halloween party with friends they thought I'd come as Doctor Who.

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