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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Stage 1.5: Interim research

Now you may wonder why I'm posting a blog now, especially since I don't yet have a sewing machine and thus can't progress  to stage 2 yet. Well the answer is that I feel like this blog should/could act as some kind of guide to others for how to go from virtually no talent to, well I suppose we'll see but suffice to say my aspirations are rather high.

Now some reviews:
I recently bought the 210 Piece Deluxe Sewing Kit from Amazon uk for £11,99 with free supersaver delivery and am pleased to say that the delivery was speedy and the product is rather decent with lots of different threads of varying colours along with a fair amount of pins, needles, buttons and safety fasteners, along with a cheap measuring tape, sewing scissors and a thread undo-er. Great for beginners.

After that minor expense I was pretty cleaned out and if I was to get a decent sewing machine (A Brother LS2125 is the best and cheapest thing I could find, I dopn't even bother with anything in the 0-50 range) I would have to economise and thus avoid spending necessarily hence the next 3 reviews are of books from A library.

Customise Your Sewing Patterns for a Perfect Fit by Mary Morris & Sally McCann ISBN: 1-57990-324-X
I noticed this book and took it out in a vain hope that it would tell me where to buy pattern paper, it didn't. However that's not to say it's not a good book or very informative but it is cleary aimed at the female market and that, for me at least, is rather off putting and rather pointless since I'm making a waistcoat for myself and not a female friend, but if you are looking for a book on adjusting patterns to fit women then you could do a lot worse than this.

classic CLOTHES a practical guide to dressmaking by René Bergh ISBN: 1-85974-515-6
This would be a perfect reference book if they only covered men's clothing but alas this gem covering everything from choosing clothes through pattern fatting and up to welting pockets is only for girls.

Learn to CROCHET by Sue Whiting ISBN: 1-84330-386-8
I love this book, I only took it out because I thought it might help me understand how to make a doctor who scarf and that it did but boy did it do so much more.
Despite being enclosed in a pink cover with pink font on said cover, the actual contents are the least gender orientated of the lot, I mean perhaps that's down to the simplicity and the fact that it's not about thew wearers body but either way I feel that I could get a pattern off the internet, the necessary yarn and this book and get under way and that is why I shall be buying this book, and why I recommend you do to.

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