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Saturday, 23 January 2010

Stage 1.5: Interim research part b more reviews and some news

Well since I only found one decent book last time I thought another trip to the library was called for but before I tell you about them I think I owe you some news updates. I have just managed to put £30 towards the sewing machine, the convention I'm going to will probably be a red dwarf one so the point of this has been somewhat removed and postponed oh and I have just received confirmation that I will be getting a sofa now onto reviews.

Pebble pets by Steve and Megumi Biddle ISBN-13:978-0-7153-3175-0 ISBN-10:0-7153-3175-2
I got this because of mild curiosity and because I felt like the idea was too hilariously absurd not to blog about.
The basic concept is that with some clay, paper, paint and the right kids of stones you can make a pet, presumably for a poor kid who really wants a pet but is allergic to them. This book is quirky and well rather pointless unless you already want to make one but these projects are all nice and small so someone starting out in crafts looking for an easy project could do worse than turn to this book.

Socks by Chrissie Day ISBN: 978-1-86108-616-7
What can i say really? This tells you how to make various socks and is thus a decent thing to read if you want to make socks or even if you're just starting out and would like a nice small project to start with that allows youto learn on the first sock and perfect on the second. However I can't totally endorse this since the socks I wear aren't in the book but overall 3 out of 5.

How to sew by Dorothy Wood ISBN:1-84215-341-2
Again thii book is pink on the outside and unisex on the inside and covers everything from clothes to curtains, machine and hand sewing techniques. 4 stars I'm buying it.

Classic knits for all the family by Sally Harding ISBN:1-85793-241-2
This knitter's pattern book continues in the theme of a great unisex book dressed in a livery of femininity and is worth buying just for its Man's sleeveless pullover on page 53-55 which would serve as a decent base pattern for 7s pullover though obviously the question marks would have to be added on but overall I give this 4 stars despite the fact that I myself shan't be going down that route.

The complete needlepoint course by Anna Pearson ISBN:0-7126-5057-1
This is a decent book on needlepoint but doesn't offer anything relevant for me or to costume creators save for teaching you how to knit your own designs of embroidered fabric if  you don't want to get one printed. 3stars.and I'm buying it.

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