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Saturday, 16 January 2010

The quest

After reading and his spin off blogs I have decided to attempt creating my own seven inspired costume.

The deadline has already been set for around the time of my birthday as I shall be going to a convention but before I attempt any grand plans I shall start with what is simple and available.

I have recently developed a sense of fashion, even if it is still a little vague and hazy but never the less I have recently got two rather nice waistcoats one of which is a black pinstripe with 2 lower flapped pocket, 1 other pocket which has an opening a centimetre above the left flapped pocket but is 4 centimetres silmmer and 1 breast pocket which measures 9 pinstripes wide and is perfect for a handkerchief and is thus the one I wear most often. I do however have one more waistcoat, it is ghastly silver with floral decorations and makes me feel horrible when I wear it and has never been worn in public but it is a good baggy fit with 2 nice pockets (I will post pictures and a detailed analysis of the waistcoats later) and having been inspired by Steve's spoonflower hankies (which would be a perfect present for me. Hint, hint) I have decided that if I could create a pattern for my perfect waistcoat then I could create a spoonflower pattern (is that the term?) for the seventh doctor jumper then create my perfect who waistcoat.

So that's the goal, a waistcoat but that's not all, oh no, not by a long shot.
I have little to no experience of sewing/knitting/textiles/oh what's the term? but that's not gonna stop me. I intend to reach my goal and learn about this strange world that holds my world together i(For once I can speak literally since as a geek and a slob, (What have you never seen a smartly dressed slob interested in tailoring before?) the sofa is my life, without it and the invention of the micro chip I'd be in a lot of pain and rather bored and of course fabric and thread holds that world together in a very literal sense. (Sorry I've inherited the british trait of explaining analogies)) in the same way that I (sort of) fulfilled my last random quest of building a dalek, by jumping straight in and using the internet of course. :-) I have actually done a bit of this before, I once made a scatter cushion in textiles but that was a long time ago and I'm not the man I was then.

This is my plan for progress:

1. One hand hemmed handkerchief made from old shirts, using pattern cribbed from an existing handkerchief and recorded on standard paper.

2. Machine hemmed handkerchief made from old shirts, using pre-existing pattern

3. a cheap tie is bought and dissected to form a pattern which is recorded on proper pattern paper and the handkerchief pattern is transferred to the proper pattern paper

4. A tie and hanky are made up in calico

5. The waistcoat is dissected, researched and committed to pattern

6. A tie and hanky are made up in proper (not final) fabric.

7. The waistcoat pattern is perfected before a calico test is made which then feeds back into the pattern and so on until the waistcoat pattern is perfect

8. A tom baker inspired scarf is started

9. A waistcoat is made up in proper (not final) fabric

10. During which time I may panic and decide to make several proper ties, hankys and waistcoats before touching the final fabric I shall order at this time.

11. Make a hanky, a tie and a waistcoat in the final fabric.

12. I don't know but I rather like jackets.

???. finish tom baker inspired scarf :-)

All very interesting and probably enjoyable but fabric, thread and padding all cost something, not to mention the £30 outlay at the start for a sewing machine.

Help and advice gladly appreciated, I'm off to scrounge some thread and massacre a shirt.


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